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Profile - History
Mourikis S.A., the oldest and one of the most compound industries in the wood sector, was founded in 1924. The company is managed by people who believe in quality and prove it daily through their “personal touch with wood” in all sectors of their activities.

At our main industrial center in Kalamaki by Korinth, that includes our private port located in front of the factories, we’re producing a wide range of high quality products such as plywood, blockboard, decorative plywood, solid parquet flooring, decorative chipboard and MDF, as well as sawn timber of various tropical species. 
We love quality and prove it by producing high quality products that satisfy our costumers' needs in the best way.
Therefore: We select only the best logs / veneers for the production of our plywood.
We train our staff very well, in order to be absolutely committed to quality.

We secure quality controls in every step of production.

We produce orders by custom in order to fulfil special customers' needs.